I'm used to play online chess!  I want to play and chat with other. Its a multipurpose game :)

What time is it?04:36:07

The poet says: 

everybody slept except me and the butterfly an the candle 

The story of these 3 crazy is long yet!!!!

  • Tuesday 20 March 18

Eid of dead

In the name of God. (02:23:15)

There is many many things to write about them. But it's too late and I want to explain about some of them. 

It was 3rd day that I am at home. I performed many things as usual... (02:25:51)

1-I went to carpentry and brought the door. Our house has 2 bedroom. One of their doors was damaged last year! Since last year until now It was at a carpentry. Finally I brought it and installed it. I had to color it. And I sterted to color it, I'll finish coloring Of 3 dors, the dor of the yard and the doors of bedrooms (I will add here their pictures after coloring )(02:32:11)

2-Finally I went to see my father, He is in his eternal home at Mehraan City. We have a tradition in Our citiy, The day before each new year is calles (Eraafaat) For example, If Tommorrow be Eid of New Year, Today is Erafaat. I don't knnow whrer comes from this tradition, but we called this day "  Eid of dead" this day we go to cemetries and visit our dead... I visit my father and my grandparents tomb. I said Fatiha for them, and I said happy new year father! happy new year grandpa and grandpapa! (I'll add here special pictures and I'll explaint the love story about my grandmother and grandfather... My grandmother was 10 years older from her cousin(my grandfather) and they got married ... They were a really good couple ... They died a few years ago respectively in one year(2013) and thier tomb is very closed to each other... (02:43:56)

3-I inviited 2 of my sisters for dinner in oir home, I cooked for them Kurdish Kabab! Then the wife of my brother and my aunt and my cousin(دخترخاله) joined us and we had a great night... (02:46:00)I'll add here the pictures of Kabab. 

Writting this text lasted 25 minutes... (02:48:08)

Good night Hydar, Good night Mr God, Good night the great universe, Good night busy days, Good night father, Good night the last night of 96 ...  sweet dreams. (02:50:07)

  • Tuesday 20 March 18

It's my desire

I spent 2nd day at home working hard. My house shaking is still ongoing... 

Im too tired and I want to sleep after this post. 

I have a list of works. I performed some of them but most of them are still remained undone! 

I want to sleep and I want to have a sweet dream! like this one : 

I'm in a quiet cafe, the waiter comes to me and askes me : What will you order mr Barrett?! 

and I say: please bring me a drill! with a supercomplete German toolkit! 

and he says: Oh mr Barrett! Please don't forget your desires... 

You are not around your dreams ... 

This is my working list, I'll do them one by one without any deadlines. 


  • Monday 19 March 18